tante malkah

a.k.a jackie / Andrea* Ida Malkah Klaura

— Feminist Technoscience & Diversity —
— Participatory Infrastructuring —
— Security Training & Awareness —

what i do

A few areas of expertise in which I can support you:

Workshops & seminars on:

  • Group processes & team building
  • Cooperation & participation
  • Adoption of ICT in groups and organisations
  • Gender & Diversity in IT
  • Free/Libre and Open Source Software (short: F/LOSS)
  • IT & IT security trainings
  • Web-based game development

IT support:

  • Planning, consulting and development of ICT infrastrucutres (networks, server, software, etc.)
  • Website design & development

Cooperation in projects on:

  • Organsation of workshops, meetups, conferences and similar events
  • Development of participatory methods of techno knowledge transfer
  • Development of digital and analog games (esp. learning & serious games)

Generally I approach work and life from a technofeminist perspective. ...